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  • Therapy for Trauma, Pregnancy, & Postpartum

    I help people feel connected to their bodies, their minds, and their relationships. Click below to schedule your free 15 minute phone consultation.

    You are irritated, exhausted, want control over your life, and want to feel like yourself again.

    You struggle with getting out of bed due to not getting enough sleep and constantly waking up throughout the night. You can’t remember the last time that you’ve woke up feeling rested. Every morning, you are flooded with racing thoughts and feel like a heavy weight is sitting on your shoulders. You feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster and on edge. Your anger feels like it comes out of nowhere and you feel out of control. You don’t feel like being around family and friends because you feel irritated that they don’t understand you or what you are going through, so you decide to avoid them. 

    Hi, My name is Sultana and I am a Trauma & Perinatal Mental Health Therapist that offer online therapy in Maryland, Virginia, & Michigan and In Person Therapy in Fairfax, VA.

    I help people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma due to trauma, life transitions, motherhood and parenthood, or other stressors to gain control over their life and feel like themselves again.

    I can help you make sense of all that is going on so that you can feel confident about yourself and your journey. We will work together to create your toolkit to help you manage your life stressors so that you can be the best version of yourself.


    All services are offered online for adults (18 years old and older)

    Perinatal Mental Health: Pregnancy & Postpartum

    Provide individual and group therapy services to address anxiety, depression, and trauma in pregnancy and postpartum to include birth trauma, pregnancy or infant loss, abortion, transitions in parent/motherhood, self-esteem, loss of self, infertility, termination of pregnancy, and other challenges in parenthood.

    Trauma Therapy & Support

    Provide therapy for individuals who experienced traumas, include childhood trauma, adjustments and transitions, sexual assault, and partner abuse/ intimate partner violence, and loss of family members and/or friends.

    When you are ready to::

     Take control of your life

    – Feel more confident in yourself  

    – And be the best version of yourself.

    … Then contact us to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

    Now Enrolling: Perinatal DBT Group

    You are feeling anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed. You want to feel like yourself again. 

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! In this Perinatal DBT Group, you will get support from other birthing people and moms, explore who you are, learn how to attune to yourself and your baby/child needs, learn to self-regulate and to be able to co-regulate, improve your communication and boundary skills, and so much more. 

    This group will meet on Mondays starting September 11, 2023 at 12pm. To participate, you must complete an intake. Contact me today to get enrolled!