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    About Sultana Karim

    You’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma; and you are ready to work through it. However, you’re struggling with finding a therapist who is the right fit for you. For the therapeutic process to work, you need to work with a therapist that you can connect with and trust.

    Hi, my name is Sultana Karim and I am a Trauma & Perinatal Therapist.

    I specialize in childhood traumas, domestic and sexual trauma, life transitions, adjusting to mother(parent)hood, mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, birth trauma, pregnancy and infant loss, infertility counseling, and loss.

    Education, Experience, and Expertise

    I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Master’s in Counseling Psychology. I am a licensed counselor in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Michigan. I’ve worked in non-profit organizations, outpatient facilities, hospitals, and private practice for over 12 years. I have advanced training in trauma, infertility counseling, perinatal mental health, perinatal loss, abortion mental health support, domestic and sexual violence, and trauma.  I am a certified clinical professional professional (CCTP) and certified perinatal mental health professional (PMH-C). I am a therapist that is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Internal Family System (IFS) Level 1 clinician, other therapy modalities (CBT, DBT, TF-CBT, CPT, etc.) as well as a trained perinatal yoga instructor. I am also a clinical supervisor.

    I am equipped with techniques and strategies that will help you on your healing journey. I care about you healing and making progress toward your goals of feeling like yourself again and living a joyful life more than anything else.

    Interested in working with me or learning more about my services? Contact me to start a conversation, and let’s explore how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.


    Founding Partner of Maternal Quality Care Alliance

    Mental Health Affiliate at Fairfax Home Birth

    Mental Health Team Member- Dementia Caregiver Support Program at My Natural Me

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