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    Comprehensive Trauma Therapy: Rediscover Wellness with Our Expert Therapist

    You’ve experienced trauma(s) that were scary and frightening. You’ve lost a sense of self. You feel afraid, depressed, anxious, and alone. You feel responsible for the bad things that happened to you. You feel like you’ve done something wrong or you’re broken. You feel like others do not understand you or your experience. You are afraid to talk about what happened because of the flashbacks and nightmares. You try to avoid things and places that remind you of what happened. However, your mind continues to bring them up at the most inconvenient times. You feel like your boundaries were violated. You struggle with trusting others. You feel powerless, hopeless, and lost. You’ve been angry and frustrated at yourself and the world. You feel like you can not trust anyone.

    I help trauma survivors who are exhausted, struggling with their sense of self, and trying to function everyday but feel like their world is falling apart by helping them develop their resiliency, and to discover a world where their symptoms are not controlling their thoughts, behaviors, and preventing them from being their best self. My clients experience change over time in not just their symptoms, but also their relationships with themselves and others. They feel a sense of accomplishment for working through their pain. There will be homework to help you practice the skills that we discussed and practiced in session. I will use my wit, sarcasm, and humor wherever appropriate.

    I have over 10 years of experience working with people who have experienced anxiety, depression, and trauma. I see my clients every week so that they have consistent support, accountability, and move from feeling like they are in crisis to more balanced and empowered. Getting therapy may seem scary and admitting that you need help is hard. I understand that and I am here to walk with you in your healing journey.

    Take the first step towards healing. Connect with our trauma therapist for personalized, compassionate support. Rediscover your strength and resilience. Schedule a session today to start your journey to wholeness.

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    Additional Services

    EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) Therapy

    It is a strucutred therapy that encourages clients to bring to mind a traumatic or distressing event with the original picture, sounds, thoughts, feelings, and senations while simultanousely using eye movement or bilateral stimulation (butterfly tapping, audio, etc.) to unlock the nervous system to allow the mind and body to process the experience.