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    Perinatal Mental Health: Pregnancy & Postpartum

    I help pregnant and postpartum people who are struggling with mood and anxiety disorders feel confident about themselves and their journey in parenthood without feeling guilty for not doing or being enough.

    My clients struggle as you do. Despite being caring, generous, and protective…

    LIFE IS HARD as a Mom & Parent!

    Before my clients came to see me, they were anxious about being a  “GOOD ENOUGH” mom or parent.

    They are constantly questioning their decisions and comparing their experiences to other parents and babies on social media who seem to have it all together.

    They feel upset and traumatized by their birthing experience because their birth didn’t happen the way that they expected or they were not heard, listened to, cared for, or their autonomy was taken away.

    They were told that they are supposed to be happy because they are having/had a baby, but they don’t. They end up feeling like something was wrong with them.

    They were pretty certain that they had to just get through their feelings of loss, anxiety, depression, and sadness by themselves.

    They felt alone because no one understood what they were going through.

    Like my clients, you deserve to live your life without guilt, shame, anxiety, and sadness surrounding your journey in parenthood. You deserve to be present with yourself and your family.

    But most importantly, you deserve to feel like yourself again! This is not out of your reach.

    You don’t have to suffer. I can help.

    Embark on a path to postpartum well-being with our dedicated therapists in Virginia.

    Reach out today to schedule a session and take the first step towards reclaiming joy and balance in your life.

    Additional Services

    Strong Roots Perinatal Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (SR Peri DBT) Group

    It is a 16-week group therapy curriculum that has four learning modules: Mindful Parenting, Restore Balance, Co-regulation, & Tend to the Forest that fosters perinatal mental health, social connectedness, parenting efficacy, and positive parent-child relationships.

    ***This curriculum can be adapted to the individual therapy setting.***