• Coping With Loss On Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is around the corner. For some, this day is a day of celebration and honoring the mother’s in your life. This day also can trigger those who experienced pregnancy and infant loss, the longing to be a mom, or the loss of their mom or caregivers.

    When we talk about grief, it is not a linear process and it does go away. You do not go through certain stages at certain times to process your grief. You may feel a bunch of feelings at the same time and this is okay. If you or someone you know is struggling with a loss on Mother’s Day, here are a few things that you can do:

    1. Take care of yourself. This includes sleeping, eating and staying hydrated, spending time outside, and moving your body and/or exercising.

    2. Show yourself compassion and feel the feelings that come up. It is okay to feel your feelings and express your emotions. Whether it is sadness, anger, pain, love, frustration, or grief— you have the right to feel these emotions. Do not bottle them up or avoid them. 

    3. Talk to someone that supports you and that you trust. Talking about your loss can help you feel better and give you an opportunity to process your feelings as well as honor your memories.

    4. Honor yourself and your journey. Do something that celebrates you and your journey. It may be reflecting on your journey or doing something tangible like taking a warm bath or shower, buying yourself flowers and a card, etc. Do whatever makes you feel happy and content.

    5. Ask for help. You do not have to be alone on Mother’s Day. Ask those around you that you trust to be with you or to support you on this day.

    Mother’s Day can be both a day of celebration and a day of grief. It is okay to honor your experience. Working through grief and loss can be difficult to do on your own, and I can help. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.