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    About Sultana Karim

    You’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression, and trauma; and you are ready to work through it. However, you’re struggling with finding a therapist who is the right fit for you. For the therapeutic process to work, you need to work with a therapist that you can connect with and trust.

    Hi, my name is Sultana Karim and I am a licensed counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Maryland. I’ve worked with people who have struggled with mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum, and had traumatic experiences.

    I have advanced training and certification in perinatal mental health and trauma. I am equipped with techniques and strategies that will help you on your healing journey. I care about you healing and making progress toward your goals of feeling like yourself again and living a joyful life than anything else.

    My specialty includes healing from mood and anxiety disorders and traumatic events such as birth trauma, domestic or sexual violence, other trauma(s).

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